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Erotic Services in Brooklyn NY

New Girls and Numbers!

Sensual Massage NYC

Sensual, Intimate and Fantastical Services

Eve's (929) 900-5144
(929) 274-0014
Lora (347) 501-1434

Text is best!




Congratulations! If you are looking for erotic massage services in the New York Metro area you have come to the right place. If you are looking for sensual massage, body slide, Tantra massage or a more "full"filling experience, your search is over. 

Welcome Eve! Taking appointments Sunday 8/20/2023 in the Dyker Park location, Eve is certified in swedish, shiatsu, yumeiho and tantra... AND a Tantra instructor. She is the real deal and will show you the what Tantra really is all about.

Mia and Lora are here and they are currently in the Flatbush location, waiting to make you feel like the man you are.

Different massages and many extras and more await you, they will show you  bliss

Eve's Text: (929) 900-5144

Mia's Text: (929) 274-0014

Lora's Text : (347) 501-1434

Hours of operation are 10AM - 10PM but with enough notice we can sometimes accommodate appointments outside these hours.

Teresa, Vera, Melanie and Samanth are all back in Europe for now, they will be back!



For a limited time Mia and Lora are in the Flatbush location waiting for you, always safe and clean. Eve is working from the Dyker Park location offering various massage services to men, women and couples.

Sensual Body to Body Massage Service

Sensual Massage starts face down with a relaxing back massage with unscented oils to get you nice and relaxed. Once you're relaxed the slide starts with her nude body sliding on your back. Your excitement builds as her body slides over yours and her hands roam to your sensitive areas. Then you  will be asked to turn over for more slide. Then she will use her hand for the grand finale.

30 Min - $150

60 Min - $180

Nuru Body to Body Slide

The NURU B2B (body to body) massage starts with a sensual back massage with unscented oil. Then comes the super slippery authentic NURU gel from Japan and her sliding her slippery body along yours before asking you to turn over face up to continue sliding body to body before your happy ending release. Sounds like the Sensual B2B right?  Not quite, Nuru is one of the most slippery lubes on the planet and makes for a fun and sensual time, gotta try it at least once in your life! Happy Ending of course.

30 Min - $160

60 Min - $220

90 Min - $280

Tantra Massage (Eve only)

The Trantra session starts with a short back massage, but don't worry, it will not be all innocent, her hands can roam... and yes, there is body to body sliding! 

Then you turn over for the most erotic massage/teasing/edging session known as a Lingam Massage where she will pay special attention to your most intimate parts massaging and caressing them, using both hands with different motions, grips and techniques, bringing you to the edge allowing the sexual energy and tension to build until you are able to hold back no more and you have a mind blowing explosive release. 

60 Min - $300

90 Min - $400

Couples Massage (Eve only)

The couples massage is a trully unique experience, suited for those that like to really spice it up or perhaps for the couple looking for a little erotic "therapy" to bring you both closer. This session is quiet, peaceful and calm but extremely sensual an erotic.


This massage starts with the woman, she gets a therapeutic massage with a nude body to body slide and finishes with a sensual Yoni (vaginal) massage to climax (yes guys, you can help if you want, or just watch). Toys are available for the woman if required or desired.

Then its the man's turn. Again, a therapeutic massage to start, then a nude body to body slide and then a sensual Lingam (penis) massage to finish. And yes, your partner is welcome to help or watch. 


Did you know?  Evelin is a trained sensual massage instructor. For an extra twist you can turn this into a educational session. Evi will teach you both how to massage and touch each other in ways you haven't done before. You can then both take this new knowledge home to your bedroom and have endless amounts of erotic fun. You are alway welcome to come back for a refresher course (wink wink)

60 Min - $400 (erotic massage)

60 Min - $500 (private lesson for couples)


Every provider offers her own extras. Inquire about extras like a foot job, edging, cum on breasts or something else to get your juices flowing. Each provider has their own menu and rules, ask for details. Not all extras are offered by each provider, please be respectful.

Much more... text to find out...



Mia (Flatbush)

Lora (Flatbush)

Eve (Dyker Park)


Physical Description: Sexy AF. Very petite, olive skin, dark hair, big, dark eyes, nice DSLs, breast implants, beautiful tattoos, slim waist

Private Details: Basic stuff, all covered: BJ, a few positions. She's very good on top! Not the most enthusiastic partner, but she knows how to use her mouth and pussy! Booking was easy and hassle -free and the rates are very reasonable.
I'm going back for a duo with her and Lora!

Recommendation: Yes

Physical Description: Slim, but healthy nice hips

Private Details: So opted for 30mins first go around. Her stats looked right and pics are spot on. She was dressed more casual but still in some Lil shorts and tank top. Greets with a hug, all smiles throughout and can vouch for the 'you come back, yes?" Several times during visit. She was sweet though and very friendly, Mia in the kitchen all smiles. Very clean n pleasant also asked if i like what i see and i stroke my cock telling her let me show you how much i like n she grins ear to ear lol.So she takes me to the room and gets ready hugging me, I help her top off kiss her neck n stuff. Has me lay down and I'm ready to go, no extras so she gets the cover and starts an ok bj ( I'm a head man so I have high standards lol) gets a bit more enthusiastic but I wanna feel her slim body on my cock. Smells good, so she sits on my after lubbing up, I'm a Lil over 7 but kinda thick and her pussy is tight as fuck. I get the immediate gasp as I feel my cock spread her tight pussy open and I just bring her all the way down on me slow, which she also kept saying slow not fast, I obliged mostly... lol. I immediately pull her down to me to lay on me while I hold her. She says you a big man and like her pussy got immediately wetter, way past any lube she used it was dripping down my balls. I kept lightly kissing her neck alternating my hands around her body holding her lower back, head face neck then just grabbing both her perky cheeks and with how wet she was I proceeded to build a rhythm making sure I filled her completely so my hips started to get wet from how much she was dripping. I spent 15min+ of just holding her like this and keeping the pounding going until she said cum for me we don't have much time left and I said ok, and that's where I sped it up a bit for like what I would say hard just fucking her hearing her really moan and then I told her go check the time. She said like 5 min, I said ok you could jerk me off cause im going to eant to keep fucking pyou more, ill come back for an hour. And she gladly did. Dressed up thanked me. Told her she was great and thoroughly enjoyed the half hr. Might try an extra or two but definitely gonna try the full hour.

Recommendation: Yes




This is Honey, you can call or text the number above to set up your appointment, text is best. Working hours are 10-10 but we will try to accommodate your request.

Two located in East Midwood / Flatbush and Dyker Park areas, there is street parking available. Please understand, discretion is required.


HEY! This is Honey. I am looking for a few new colleagues to join me here in New York to work as a masseuse in one of my two clean and safe environments.

If you are interested please text me at

+1 (929) 900-5144​


  • Who is welcome?
    Each provider has their own rules as to who they will or won't see. All bookings require pre-screening. Your provider will let you know if there are any clients that are not welcome for specific services. Rudeness or aggression of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Can I just show up?
    Sorry, but NO! Please call or text to set up an appointment. I work by appointment only! I am very discreet and respect your privacy, please kindly do the same for me. No walk-ins at all!
  • How do I make a payment?
    The fee is for personal time only. I currently am accepting only cash or Venmo payment prior to your service.
  • Am I expected to tip?
    No, you are not expected to tip, however, lilke other service professionals it is customary for masseurs to be tipped. Tipping is a way to show extra appreciation for great service. We treat all of my guests with care and humility. Tipping while not required is greatly appreciated.
  • Can I shower there?
    Yes! Feel free to shower just before your visit or you may shower when you arrive, whatever is more convenient for you, but PLEASE SHOWER. Also, please make sure to shower all of your private parts. You can't expect to get the best service if you are stinky! :) You may also shower at the end of your session. Quality shampoos, conditioners and body washes both scented and un-scented are provided.
  • Can I get full service?
    Your service will depend on your masseuse and what she allows, it's best to let your provider know what kind of service you are looking for at the time of your booking. Yes, options are often available but you should NEVER expect that you will get or are entitled to full service! No rudeness or agression will be tolerated, ever! Don't ask, nothing is ever uncovered... it's unsafe, period the end!
  • Can I touch you?
    Touching is allowed but please ask first. Each provider has different limits as to what she will allow. Don't be rude and respect all boundaries or you will be asked to leave.
  • Are your pictures real?
    Yes! You will NOT find fake pictures of any provider. Every photo you see is real and current. Nothing on this site is fake. I do not believe in bait and switch... There are other sites and providers for that kind of service if you really want to be taken...
  • What can I expect?
    You will be greated at the door and invited you up to your private room. You may have a small talk about the session and any questions you might have. You will be offered a choice of drinks to start. Massage sessions begin with you face down for a medium pressure massage. Then your provider will perform a body to body slide on your back and then ask you to turn over and perform more slide before she moves to the more erotic strokes all over your body. This is very pleasurable and seductive. If you chose Nuru, this slide is very slippery and extremely HOT and EROTIC. If Tantra then there is extra time and attention focused on your most erotic areas. The massage will finish with a hand release to chase your stress away. You will then be given a chance to shower using unscented or scented body washes and shampoos. The shower time is not part of your massage time. Whether you chose to have a 30 or 60 minute massage you will get the full time, this is about your relaxation and pleasure! Extras are available as well as a non massage erotic service.
  • Can I shower before/after my service?
    Yes! We would prefer you be freshly showered and not stinky! If you arrive freshly showered this is fine. I offer a shower after the service if you chose. The shower is hot and powerful with both unscented and scented body washes and shampoos.
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